GA and Analytics Support


Our experts are ready to help with setting up and managing your analytics program. We can assist in bringing best practices to your GA setup, connect for media and analytics vendors, setup marketing channels, and develop attribution models.

Our Data Analysts have strong eCommerce experience, and are well versed in data modeling (creating lookalike segments, deriving LTV, doing predictive models, customer segmentation, time series models ….), we are also very familiar with Paid Media (automated bidding, programmatic bidding), and fluent with GA360 and dashboarding tools like Tableau/Lookers/Power BI, with a strong knowledge of Data Bases (SQL knowledge)/familiarity with Data Lake (and clustered DBs)/DW/BigQuery, and comfortable with Python and R programming languages.

Data is our expertise and priority. We can help you business be successful. Please let us know what you need.